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3047 North Sawyer Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60618
United States

(646) 267-2518

Medtrition Middle East provides high quality medical foods that are clinically supported to achieve the outcomes desired in a cost-effective way.  Whether it be Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, or any other Middle Eastern country, the medical food’s that Medtrition Middle East can provide to address such things as renal and dialysis, protein and calorie malnutrition, pressure ulcers, wound healing, bowel management and more are second to none.  

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About Us

Welcome to Medtrition Middle East.  

We are a global supplier of medical food products that solve the most challenging medical conditions confronting acute and long-term–care facilities every day.


All of our products are clinically supported and provide cost-effective solutions to address over 20 common conditions. Most important, the products deliver the outcomes you desire for your patients and improve both staff and patient dignity without the use of unnecessary medications.

Our range of products includes the leading worldwide brand of concentrated liquid protein; the leading range of products for wound care; and innovative products for bowel management and urinary tract infections. Our specialty range includes offerings for both renal and hepatic disease. All of these products are used by leading institutions around the world—in hospitals and long-term–care settings for the ICU, oncology, wound care and dialysis.

Our mission is simple: We help people feel better by providing targeted medical nutrition solutions, not pharmacological interventions. We look forward to assisting you.