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Medtrition Middle East provides high quality medical foods that are clinically supported to achieve the outcomes desired in a cost-effective way.  Whether it be Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, or any other Middle Eastern country, the medical food’s that Medtrition Middle East can provide to address such things as renal and dialysis, protein and calorie malnutrition, pressure ulcers, wound healing, bowel management and more are second to none.  

Protein and Calorie Malnutrition

Medtrition Products for Protein and Calorie Malnutrition.

ArgiMent, ArgiMent AT, Argitein, Banatrol Plus, Puree Breakfast, Puree Fruits, Puree Meats, Puree Specialties, Puree Vegetables, Café Parfait, ProSource Gelatein 20, Gelatein Plus, GlutaMent, HepaMent, Hyfiber, PreB2 with Bimuno, Café Thickened Dairy, ProSource NoCarb, ProSource Plus, ProSource Protein Powder, ProSource TF, ProSource ZAC, RenaMent, UtyMax, VitaMent, XtraCal Plus

Nutritional support for impaired gastrointestinal function.

Various conditions associated with impaired gastrointestinal or immune function caused by disease, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy.


Gelatein Plus
High Calorie, High Protein Gelatin

220 calories, 20 grams of protein, Appropriate for dysphagia, Calories from medium chain triglycerides for better absorption and good GI tolerance

Contains no Vitamin K.

ProSource Plus
Concentrated protein source.

Oncology, gastric bypass/bariatric surgery, fluid-restricted diet, renal failure, protein-energy malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, increased protein needs, clear liquid diet.

The 4 oz. shake with the power of 8 oz.

Nutritional energy drink, Lower in electrolytes, Good-tasting, Convenient shake with calories, fat and protein of typical 8-oz. supplements.

XtraCal Plus
Concentrated, low volume calories and protein with MCT oil for rapid energy

Malnutrition, Chronic diarrhea, Fat malabsorption, Short bowel syndrome, Weight loss caused by HIV/AIDS, Decreased pancreatic lipose, Decreased bile salts, Intestinal lymphatic obstruction, Fluid restricted diets